I would like to purchase the item but it's out of stock on the site, what should I do and how often do you restock?

You may request for a pre-order of the item by Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat. We will try our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.

What payment methods do you accept?

The products on our website are priced in U.S. dollars and EUR euro. Payments are accepted via wire transfer and through reliable payment gateways (Coinbase commerce). The BitCoin amount that corresponds to the total balance of your placed order will be provided upon checkout using the exchange rate of BitCoin to U.S. dollars or EUR euro in real time (as displayed on Coinbase commerce platform). Due to the volatility of BitCoin price, orders are valid only for a certain period. Failure to make payment within a specified time may result in an automatic cancellation of the order.

I placed an order, but never received a confirmation email.

If you do not receive an email from CryptoFinancial within hours of placing your order and it’s not in your Spam folder, the email address on file is most likely spelled incorrectly. Please contact our Customer Care via Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat to update your order.

How long after I place my order will it ship?

Our warehouses are in Hong Kong and Madrid (Spain), and the shipping courier (DHL or UPS) will process the order, which takes approximately 3-4 days. International delivery usually takes about 7-10 working days.

Sometimes we can have delays because of suppliers or customs. That’s why we don’t charge shipping costs and we try to have the best prices.

If you want a faster shipping we can send the products directly from our providers, but you have to contact us via Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat before you make the order.

In that case you would take care of the possible customs.

Do you refund shipping fees?

Shipping fees are non-refundable.

I received a damaged Item, what do I do?

If you could kindly contact us by Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat with order number and a brief description of the damage. We will review the information and approve the return of your item. We strongly suggest including a tracking number, and insurance with your package, as we are not liable for those that get lost in transit.

Does CryptoFinancial do exchanges?

We do not accept any exchanges.

Does CryptoFinancial issue refunds?

We do not issue refunds. All sales are final and non-refundable.

I got my order, but an item is missing/defective/not what I ordered. What do I do?

Once you receive your order, thoroughly check your delivered items immediately. If you believe an item is missing/defective/not part of your order, you must contact our customer care department by Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat within three days of receipt and let us know.

About TAX, customs, and shipping costs.

Shipping is free WORLDWIDE.

Customs are free ONLY on Europe (EU).

If you have any problem contact us, please.  Via Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat.

Worldwide: Declared Value: 200€/250$ unless required specifically.

About shipping address

We will not be responsible if you give us an incorrect shipping address.

Privacy Policy

Check our Privacy Policy here.

Terms and Conditions

Check our Terms and Conditions here.

About second hand product stock

There isn’t always stock for second hand products, consider that.

To avoid problems, contact us (by Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat) to verify the stock of the desired product before ordering, please.

In second-hand products, the PSU may be second-hand too.

We will refund the money if there isn’t any stock avalaible.



Don’t see your question answered? Send us an message by Whatsapp (+34 611 44 24 50) or Facebook chat with your order number.